Monday, December 10, 2007

Works & Publications

Movie trailer for "An Ethical Chasm" (2007). This is a short film drama (22 min) intended for education audiences, which Anne-Marie produced, directed, and edited. Dean Robert J. Tierney, of the Faculty of Education, UBC, commissioned this film as a way to bring to screen an article he wrote on the social and political undercurrents driving the policies in Literacy Education.

Dean Tierney's article was first published in the Journal of Adolescent Literacy, 46,4, 260-27, under the title: An ethical chasm: Jurisprudence, jurisdiction and the literacy profession. You will find a revised Reader's Theatre performance script in the document appendix under the heading of Keynote Presentation and Related Paper from Simon Fraser University’s 40th Anniversary, March 4, 2006 . The script underwent further editing for a screen version.

The movie was shot on a professional HD digital camera by the Director of Photography, Anthony Kupnicki.

Watch film here:

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